Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Van cannot have milk

Van cannot have milk.

 He cannot have any milk products, soy and he even cannot lactaid milk.  The doctor recommended rice milk.  I  actually like rice milk, this will be a very difficult adjustment for Van.) 

               I am sorry Van.
                                    I am so sorry.

I took Van to his first allergy appointment today. I had suspected that something was wrong but I wasn't sure. I don't want to get too graphic here but he was having some issues. After I described what was going on to the doctor and the nurse, they came up with a few options. First they said Van might be lactose intolerant and then they said he could also have celiac. The doctor said that his symptoms really sound like celiac disease. After doing some research on my own, I have found out that there are a lot of people who are lactose intolerant and have celiac The doctor said it was very common and that the cases are rising.
When he was a baby he threw up a lot. I just thought he was eating too much and then throwing it up but it seems that was not the case.
  AHHH As I looked back on these events in the doctor's office, I was feeling very foolish for not noticing it sooner. The doctor believes that he has a lactose intolerance and that is why he threw up so much when he was little.
Today Van eats lots of cheese, yogurt, milk. I mean he only eats the cheese on his pizza. Is there another option other than milk or soy. How can I replace his cheese?
After speaking with the nurse and the doctor, Van had a scratch test done. He is highly allergic to spinach. It sounds strange to me but he broke out in hives. I like spinach but we don't eat it often and When I do have it the kids won't eat it. I love it! So sorry Van. Nothing else can up, I was relived but the doctor said if he has a wheat or milk intolerance it would not show up on a scratch test.

Van has another appointment in two weeks but I have some questions.

If we are eliminating soy what about soy lectin?
I assume that he cannon have whey (from what I know that is a milk protein)?
What can I give him for cheese?
And what is up with this spinach thing?

My big concern in celiac disease. I started looking through my kitchen tonight for things that I could feed Van. I guess I have to get used to reading labels very carefully.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Work in Progress

Ok! So maybe I am taking this a little too far with this blogging stuff, but I am really excited about it. I have create four blogs! Four I know I am crazy!
Anyway I wanted one blog to write personal stuff about me and my family. Things that I want to vent about or talk about. Just your basic blog.
Then I wanted another one so I can work on my book. I figure I can rework some parts of my book and make it better. The more I write the more my writing will be better.
Then I wanted a place to write ideas down. I wanted a place where I can really work on writing and telling stories without showing it to everyone. This is my private blog.
Finally I made one that I would like to become my professional blog. When I do write something that I love and that I am ready to publish I can put it here.

I am really excited about all of this. I said that before, but now my goal is to keep up with these blogs.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Van's ears

Van's ears

I am not a medicine, medicine type of person, but I am also not the holistic girl either. I believe in a balance. I know some won't agree but what you do with your body and your family is your business.  So I take my kids to a chiropractor and I go as well.  Don't really know if it helps with anything else then my back feeling good.  My chiropractor tells to to not give my kids an vacciantions and to cancel Van's surgery for his ears.  He says that iF Van gets adjusted three times a week he won't have any fluid in his ears.  Well great! Let me just tell my son that you may not may not hear. Oh and somehow get you to the chirporctor three times a week! That's a laugh! And when they say that Zelda has autism because of her vaccinations I cringe.  They don't know what causes autism! But hey there are five kids in Devin's family who are on the spectrum! Yet people still say its vaccinations! I am not saying I have the answers but let's play would you rather. Would I rather have Zelda the way she is or Zelda who has or has had mumps, rubella, or many of the other things we vacciante for. They say its the vaccinations! Sorry just needed to vent.  I feel sometimes you need to take medicine and sometimes you don't.  I really like going to my chirpractor but I am tired of the pressure and making me or sorry trying to make me feel bad for things like Van's surgery or vaccinations! I am already stressed enough with his surgery!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zelda'a IEP


May 7, 2013 at 9:46pm

 We had Zelda's IEP today.  Zelda is in the 3 year old preschool disabled classroom.  I am not saying anything negative about her school, because I love the team of people that work with her.  Its the IEP process that I have some concerns with.

What I would like to see is a copy of a working copy of IEP's given out to parents possible a week or more before the IEP meeting.   I know some people would say that this creates more work for teachers, but really they have to write it anyway. 

When I came to this IEP I felt for lack of a better work dumb.  this was not the fault of the school district.  I read over Zelda's old IEP and her progress report before the meeting.  I came with questions that I wanted to ask at the meeting based on the goals and objectives set forth in her original IEP.  I felt prepared. 

There were some objectives that Zelda was not making based on her progress report and I had questions prepared based on that report.  The problem was that now she has reached those goals and there were not new goals.

I would have liked to know the new goals ahead of time.  I wanted to ask about different ways I could help zelda at home.  So that both home and school were on the same page.

I felt this way through most of the meeting but my shock came when they talked about where they wanted to place Zelda for next year.  When Zelda started school in October they talked about putting in the inclusion 3 year old room in December, then it was the end of the year.  Then it was to let her transiton in summer program.  Tehn she wqsa goin got go there teh following yhear.  Now they say they want her to go to the preschool disabled 4 year old class.   I mean did I miss something.  I was dumbfounded.  I mean if I knew that that is what they were planning I could have been better equipped to asked questions.  Is Zelda not doing as well as we all had thought? 

I know have so many questions and it frustrates me because I had the entire IEP team there this morning and was given new information and no time to process it.  Now I have questions. 

Its not just this school district.  From what I can see all school districts do the same thing.  I have been told that legally 7 to 10 days after the IEP meeting the parents are supposed to get a copy of the IEP.  Wouldn't it have been much better if 7 to 10 days before parents received a working copy.  I mean there are parents who care and want to work with the school.   We are not the enemy.  If we both wants what is best for our children, they we should both be on the same page.  Maybe the law needs to be changed.

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