Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Chapter 20 Maeve with Alexander

Maeve was sitting on the couch as she finished telling Alexander her story. "So you see I helped him. And he is coming back." Maeve looks at her son hoping he will believe her.
"I see. But I don't know where Maurelle is. Haven't seen her since, well since Matthew died. I saw the accident, but I was too late. Matthew was lying there and I couldn't do anything for him and Maurelle was gone. I don't even know if she was there at all. All I saw was blood on the steering wheel and the seats. So much blood. The police report said someone had hit them. They said something was dragged from the car." He looked at Maeve. "Maurelle she must have been dragged from the car. They found a trail of blood and evidence of someone being dragged. There was so much blood. Im sure she didn't survive."
"Well she did. She woke in the woods, alone and covered in blood. With no memory of her family or anyone."
"How do you know this? We have to find her! Justin needs her!"
"I don't know where she is, and that is not my concern. Right now I am going to burnt his town to the ground with or without your help." Maeve wondered why he just said Justin and didn't think of Tommy and Gwen.
"Are you serious? How can you think of destruction now?"
"Then you have made your choice. Did you miss the part where your son is evil? Did you miss when he became dark? He needs help! If he sees her, Maurelle, and she doesn't know him that won't help him it will hurt him."
"Then all the more reason to find her and help her retrieve her memories."
"You do what you must and I will do what I have to. But I must ask, why don't you care about Tommy and Gwen." Maeve couldn't understand why no one remembered them.
Alexander looked at her confused, "Who?"
"Your other grandchildren, Tommy and Gwen. Why don't you care what happened to them? No one seems to remember them or care about them." She was angry now and she didn't know why. She thought of the accident. She knew Maurelle was protecting Justin just as she was but she must have been protecting the other two as well. "I was only allowed to save Justin. Maurelle must have been protecting all three of them. She must have done something to keep them hidden from him."
Alex looked up. He knew exactly what she meant. "So I have two more grandchildren out there that I don't remember. Have I ever seen them?" He was now feeling this loss but he still couldn't see them.
"You did know them. I don't know why I remember them but it could have been part of Maurelle's plan. We have to find her for that."
"Yet you still don't want to find her. You just want revenge." He was disgusted.
Maeve looked away. She had wanted revenge for so long. She didn't know how to let it go and if she did Jonathan would be angry. "I don't know if I can."
"Then you are no better than Hunter. Both stuck in the past and because of that my family will suffer"
Those words hurt her. She didn't know how to respond. She wanted her son to know how much she loved him but she was trapped. Marius still had a hold over her and now Jonathan did as well. She needed to be free of both of them.
"One day I will be free. Free to make my own decisions and free to help. For now I am powerful and trapped. One day those chains will be gone. I promise you that."

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Filters off

Morning, no makeup, no coffee 

So people can be cruel. We all know that. People also use all sorts of apps to make their selies look amazing. Lets face it, we are not all the same but yet we should embrace that. Recently in the world of rp, a friend was critized because of how much they weigh in real life. People hid behind character profiles because they are scared of what others will think of the real person behind the profile. So i am starting this campaign. God didnt make any mistakes in making you. So i am tagging people, not set amount of people neeeded, just tag your friends. Show that you are proud of who you are filters off.
Yes my smiles, well im in the middle of dental work. Notice my puffy checks. Yes, yes it does hurt. Does that mean you wont rp with me? I hope not. This is me first thing in the morning. Bryce Imholz calls me.princess Anna in the morning.
If i didn't tag you, im sorry. Facebook has limits but please still participate. We love you not matter what.

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