Friday, April 20, 2018

Keeping Quiet

I'm the Vocal One.

I'm the vocal one.
I'm the friend who tells you all.
when I am sad, angry, and mad.
I'm the one who speaks out because I kept quiet for so long. 
I'm the vocal one.
I'm the friend who calls to give you exciting news.
I'm the friend who worries, frets, and paces.

The one who hates when people are upset, but worst of all, I hate when the hate is directed at me. 
I'm the vocal one.
It's a curse
It's a blessing
I tell you how I feel no matter what.
For in these friends, I always fear.

When the time will come when I know the truth.

Broken,  tossed aside, so many times waiting to be tossed again. 
Standing on the edge of a cliff, waiting for that final push.
Losing any real friends, as I fear the ones who are not and the ones i can't see who are true. 

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