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Vote please!

I found a new site for writing. Uploading as much as I can before the dead line for their contests. I know my story isn't perfect but in my eyes it will never be. So I just thought give it a go and try.
Click and check it out. Thank you

So this is an update. I didn't realize you had to go to a certain spot to vote.  Click here and vote for my story.


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The Purple Pen

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So I was playing around with the idea of making a group to help writers. You see I am a struggling writer, who also needs help and I thought there are others out there like me. Who need advice on many things. So why not create a group to help all of us struggling writers.
I am calling it the Purple Pen, because I use a purple marker to write and I love the alliteration of Purple Pen.
Ok so this group is sort of in Beta. I wanted a group that would help writers. Whether it be by promoting their writing, getting and giving advice or finding people who can help edit.
We shall see where this leads.
Fell free to share, the more people to help the better.

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A Ton of Bricks

I am learning a lesson which I never wanted to learn before

I am learning a lesson which I never wanted to learn before. It's been hitting me like a sack of bricks. Breaking my heart as it pounds.
When people hurt you, and they hurt others, they won't change. I always wanted to believe people can change for the good. I wanted to believe there was good in all people. I wanted to believe the apologizes. I wanted to believe the vows of friendship.
All lies. I had something they wanted, so for that time I was their friend, or at least that is what they wanted me to believe.
When I have nothing to offer but me, they are gone. And I am left broken hearted and cursing myself for trusting them. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Missed Chances

Two puzzle pieces lost in the shuffle.
A King without his Queen, the knight without his shield.

Two  worlds, never to become one.
A tale never to be told.

Different times, different places, different lives.
So much alike, yet so far apart.

Missed chances, missed lives.

Moving in different ways, never the same.

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Why do we let the same people hurt us over and over again?

Why can't we see what's coming at us?

Why can't we move out of the way and not let that train hit us?

We hear the train racing down the track.

We let it hit us, time and time again.

We get hit so many times, that we say

It's ok.

I'm used to it

or its fine.

Then we apologize to the person who hurt us.

Time and time again the same scenario

Forgive and forget

Forgive and move on

But are your walls now up?

Are you cautious now?

Or do we let the same pain and suffering in again?

Why do we forgive and why do we let people back in?

It is fair to let people in, but only at a distance?

Does it make us an awful person, to not allow them back in?

Does grace mean letting them in too?

or does it just mean not carrying the angry around with us?

We offer compassion but where is our bliss?

Where is our peace and joy?

Do we protect ourselves, or for the sake of grace, allow them back in.

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HOME MADE (recipes at the bottom of the Blog)

There are a few times in my life when I had to cut back financially.
One of these times was after I had my first son Vance. Money was
tight, and I needed to save.  I noticed one of my friends using a
web-site called “Frugal Girls”. I looked into it and found many ways
to save. Some of them sounded crazy, but I tried them. I wanted to
share things I tried and tell others how they turned out. Sometimes
it saves you money to make these items, but do they work as well as
store-bought items? Is it worth the time to make them?

I finished making homemade Laundry Soap.
It was so easy and if it works, it will save me about 20
dollars each time I make it.  One container of laundry soap
could cost up to 20 dollars and I made the same amount for like a

I also made homemade fabric softener.  All I needed
was a container and vinegar. Just finished a load of laundry with
it and the clothes feel so soft.  If you use Suave Conditioner and
store brand vinegar,it only cost like 3 dollars for a gallon.  

I made homemade wipes.
I wasn’t sure about these, but they seem to be working.
I took old t-shirts, cut them up, and then put them in a mixture
of baby oil, baby shampoo, and water.  You wash them and then
reuse them. The t-shirts are softer than regular baby wipes
and I use less of them because they absorb more. The wipes
also smell wonderful, better than the ones I was using before.
I made homemade leave in conditioner.  
It is so easy.  Just take your spray bottle, put a little
conditioner in to it (whatever smell you like) and a little water,
and shake it up. I tried it this morning, and it works great.  
I didn’t even need regular conditioner just the spray. I saved
money because you only need a little conditioner for the entire
bottle. I used Suave Strawberry Conditioner.  The entire bottle of
conditioner cost like a dollar.  It could last me all year, and my
hair feels great!

The laundry soap is great but a pain to make. The clean up
is the problem. It makes a complete mess out of your kitchen.
It also makes great presents for teachers. Get a mason jar and
out the mix into it, tie a bow on top and you have a homemade
present for teachers and who ever else you need to give a
little present to.

The fabric softener work well, but I noticed after a
while the clothes smelled funny. I didn’t know if it was the
laundry soap of the softener at first. I stopped using the
softened and now only use the laundry detergent. The smell is gone.

The homemade wipes worked wonderful at first but my son
developed a rash from them. They are still work and save money
but test them on your child’s skin first.

homemade leave in conditioner this is the best.
I use it all the time with my daughter. I will never buy detangling
spray again. Just a little conditioner and your all set.

Homemade Laundry soap

What you need
1/2 Cup: Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda {not Baking Soda}

1/2 Cup: Borax

1/3 Bar of Fels-Naptha Soap {you could also use Ivory soap
but if using Ivory… use the whole bar}

Bucket {2 gallon size or larger}Empty laundry detergent containers or bucket with a lid to storedetergent.

What You’ll Do:
Grate 1/3 bar of Fels-Naptha Soap over a large pot or saucepan

Add 6 cups of Water.

Heat over medium-high until soap dissolves and melts.

Add Washing Soda & Borax and stir until dissolved.

Remove from heat and set aside.

Pour 4 cups Hot Water into a bucket and then add Soap Mixture.

Stir and then add 1 Gallon + 6 Cups of additional water.  

Transfer to a bucket with a lid, or pour into empty laundry
detergent containers.Set aside, and let it sit overnight, or up to
24 hours, to thicken and gel up.

Homemade fabric softener (I tried it and loved it.  
I will put more conditioner in next time to make it smell better.)

What You’ll Need:
6 cups HOT water
3 cups white vinegar
2 cups Suave Refreshing Waterfall Conditioner {or other favorite
What You’ll Do:

Mix conditioner & hot water well, until conditioner is dissolved

Add the vinegar and mix well.

Store in a large container {empty fabric softener container, 
empty large vinegar bottle, etc}

Pour into a downy ball… or the fabric softener spot in your laundry machine… then wash!

Homemade Wipes

2 1/2 cup Water
2 tsp Baby Shampoo or Baby Bath
1 tsp Baby Oil
1/2 Roll Paper Towels (Bounty) I used scraps of old T-shirts.

Take old t-shirts.  I had just gone through our closet
and took out anything that was fading, ripped, or didn’t fit
anymore.  Cut them into pieces. Mix water, shampoo and baby oil
in a container. Put the scraps into the mixture and let them soak.  
I would wring the out and then put them into the baby wipe container.
Be sure to make extra so. While you are cleaning one load of wipes,
you can use the others.  I made an entire box full of scrapes.
Keep a laundry basket one with a lid next to your changing area.
I would wash these wipes by themselves in your washing machine.

Any conditioner and a spray bottle. Just add about ¼ cup of
condition and the rest water.

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The Shadow Realm Chronicles: Maeve (Book 1) COMPLETED Chapter 28 Maeve

 I walked into the cave at first I couldn't see anything being the cave was so dark. I felt a presence.
There was a voice, "So you figured it out."
I jumped as I heard this voice and turned around. "Who is there? Show yourself?"
As I looked around my eyes adjusted to the darkness. There standing before me was a beautiful woman. Her bright red hair lay in stark contrast to her pale porcelain skin. She was beautiful. I thought of my fairy and smiled thinking of her and her beauty. I looked at this woman again and came to my senses. "You're Maeve?"
"And you found me." She smiled
"Yes I did and now tell me why I should even care about you?" I wanted to hear her story. The Shadow King told me she was my grandmother, but I wanted to hear it from her.
"I am your grandmother." She admitted.
This still seemed strange. She was beautiful. How could she be my grandmother? "How is this possible? You're a vampire! And you looked, well you look hot for a grandmother."
Maeve would have blushed if she could. "Well I am. I was turned when your father was just a baby."
I said the words over to myself and then out loud. "My grandmother. So you were married to Hunter." I couldn't stomach this for I hate that man.
"He wasn't always like this. I know how you hate him. A long time ago, he was a good man. He was a loving husband and a good father. But that was a long time ago. Everything changed after Marius turned me. He couldn't even look at me. All the love he had for me was gone. Every time he looked at Hunter he saw a monster. He didn't want to hold him. When the town turned on me, he took Alexander from me and he let them attack me. They burnt our house down."
Matthew never heard this story before. "Then you hate him as much as I do?"
Maeve nodded, "I have plans for him. But why do you hate him?"
"He never cared for me or my kids. Why should I care for him?"
"I can't answer that for you. That is something you must come to terms with on your own."
"So this leads me to you. Why help me?" He looked at her trying to be strong and show her how brave he was but his heart was racing. He always wondered what his grandmother was like but here she is now looking amazing. She didn't look a day over 30. This was all so new to him.
"You're my family. Like I said before, I couldn't be there for Alexander or you. But I can be there now!"
She looks at him. She is worried about him. "I hope you can control the Demon. He is very dangerous."
He laughs, "He is a monster... I can control monsters... it is under my control."
She looks shocked, "So you are in control here then. The Shadow King will not be happy. Matthew I fear for you. You seem different." She was worried for him.
She was worried, but she knew Matthew didn't have a choice and neither did she. "I know he has a strong hold on you. Matthew you need to break his hold over you. I know this will be difficult. I have been trying to break free from Marius ever since I was turned."
"You must have been sad when you left your family. I know this feeling well. I would do anything to get back to mine."
"However I can help you, I will. I couldn't help Alexander or Hunter but I will do my best to help you."
"The Shadow King told that you to help me till my 8th task... he won't let you stay more."

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