Sunday, December 30, 2018

Do we expect too much?

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I wrote this poem a while ago, but it still rings true. What do you expect
from your friends and are we expecting too much? Do you give your friends what
you expect from them?  I am asking myself these same questions.

Was it all a lie?
The things you said
And the things you did?

Wasted phone calls and texts
Wasted tears, wasted time

Vulnerable, trusting, naïve
Sensitive, exposed, defenseless
Heartache, bitterness, and sadness

Trust no one
Shall I live my life with distrust

Self-doubt and uncertainty

How do you overcome when
All I knew was deception.

Hide myself and block out the world
Rise above and let in the world

How to do you let in the world?
And let in more lies, hate, and deceit.

Hold onto to what you know,
What did you know?

When friendship was a lie

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